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Thank you for taking the time to visit my products page. The intent of the page is not "get a sale" instead, I would like to resource in your library. The books below, are the basis for my Leadership Coaching, Supervisory Training and  Trainings for Leaders. 


Using Practical Leadership Lessons Learned from Mickey, I teach leaders how to "Go Back to the Basic" when managing and leading others. Keep it Simple!

The Journey to Authorship: A Pocket Guide for Writers, allow a safe space for Executives, Leaders, and Supervisors to share their stories. Regardless whether it is published in a blog, article, or book, are not, there is an emotional release, that provides freedom, permission, and opportunity for growth and advancement. 

Finally, the The Leadership Journal, is a journal, leaders are encouraged to used in Leadership Coaching and Supervisory Training to write their visions, thoughts and goals. 

If one of these books, spark your interest, add it your resource library. 

If you have questions for me or thoughts about my resources, let's chat via email or here.

Thanks for stopping by,

Dr. Tracy

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