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Our Essence

At the heart of the Executive Coaching Institute for Minority Women, LLC, lies a profound commitment to transforming leadership paradigms. We are dedicated to empowering leaders to lead with compassion, enhancing productivity, inclusivity, and fostering genuine employee engagement. Our focus is on organizations, corporations, associations, chambers, and local clubs led by and supporting minority women or women of color. Through strategic executive coaching, insightful consulting, and dynamic public speaking and training, we bring a nuanced approach to leadership development.


The Visionary: Dr. Tracy Powell

Dr. Tracy Powell, the founder and driving force behind our institute, is a beacon of practical leadership and compassion. With over a decade of speaking, training, and coaching, Dr. Powell has carved a niche as a Tactical Executive Coach, Practical Leadership Expert, Professional Speaker, and Author.


Born and raised in Lamar, South Carolina, and a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina, Dr. Powell brings a wealth of experience from her 15 years of active-duty service as a Scientist Officer to over 11 years dedicated to speaking and coaching on leadership. Her journey is marked by resilience, from overcoming racial discrimination to balancing work and family life, leading her to establish our institute as a sanctuary for minority women leaders seeking guidance and support.

Dr. Powell’s accolades include being an internationally known, award-winning author and speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and a Certified Mediator. Her publications, such as Practical Leadership: Lessons Learned from Mickey and The Leadership Journal, reflect her passion for nurturing leaders who are not only effective but also empathetic and inclusive.

Our Team

The Pillars of Our Institute

Behind every successful leader at our institute is a team of seasoned coaches, consultants, and administrative professionals. Our team is united in the belief that practical leadership—rooted in transparency, support, and effective strategies—can empower minority executives to navigate and triumph over professional challenges. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experiences, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive and personalized support.

What We Believe

Our philosophy is simple yet powerful

Leadership transcends titles and positions—it's about making a tangible difference in people’s lives and organizations. We believe in leading with compassion, where productivity and inclusivity aren’t just goals but the very foundation of our approach. Our work is driven by the conviction that with the right strategies and support, minority executives can achieve work-life balance, attain promotions, and successfully transition to roles where they can thrive.

Join Us

Whether you’re an organization looking to enhance your leadership capabilities, an individual seeking to make a meaningful impact, or simply interested in learning more about practical leadership, the Executive Coaching Institute for Minority Women, LLC is here to guide and support you.

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