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Permission to Reprint for Tracy R. Powell

Permission to reprint articles by Tracy R. Powell, Ph.D., is hereby given to all print, broadcast, and electronic media provided that the contact information at the end of each article is included in your publication. For organizations publishing articles electronically, a live, clickable link to must also be included with the body of the article. Additionally, please email a PDF copy of your publication to

1. Permission to reprint articles by Tracy R. Powell at no charge is granted with the agreement that:

  • The article bio should be included following each article used.

  • One copy of the publication in which the article is published be provided to Dr. Tracy R. Powell 

  • A fee per article will be expected for articles published without the closing bio and contact information; $300.

2. Permission is also granted for reasonable:

  • Editing content and industry-specific example exchange.

  • Length.

  • Article title change.

3. Electronic publishing of articles must include a live, clickable link to

For questions, please email Thank you!

Tracy R. Powell Bio

Dr. Tracy R. Powell is a Practical Leadership Expert who has spent over a decade speaking, training, consulting, and coaching leaders on Practical Leadership strategies that introduce compassion while increasing productivity, and delivering tangible results when people matter in organizations. 

Dr. Tracy earned a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of South Carolina and published two books Practical Leadership: Lessons Learned from Mickey, The Journey to Authorship: A Pocket Guide for Writers, and a journal, The Leadership Journal. Dr. Tracy has led and coached over 300 professionals and delivered over 100 speeches. Dr. Tracy has over 15+ years of active-duty service experience where she serves as a scientist officer.  She is a Certified Executive and Professional Coach, a Federal Mediator, and a Distinguished Toastmaster. Dr. Tracy has been featured in professional magazines, newspapers, TV interviews, and podcasts. 

Dr. Tracy’s favorite hobbies include spending time with family, learning new things, and reading.


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