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Meet Dr.Tracy

Dr. Tracy Powell is a native of Lamar, South Carolina and a graduate of University of South Carolina. Throughout her career, Dr. Powell has held various leadership and executive positions. In these roles, Dr. Powell faced and quickly recovered from racial discrimination, managing fear, balancing work and family and speaking with one voice. It was early in her career that Dr. Powell realized her challenges were dramatically different from her counterparts, although they were serving in the same positions and environments. It was at this point, that Dr. Powell began to seek coaching from various professional women of color, who could directly relate to her experiences.

These successful coaching experiences led to the establishment of Executive Coaching Institute for Minority Women, LLC. The intent of the Institute is not to exclude anyone, yet it is a vehicle to narrow Dr. Powell’s coaching focus. All women regardless of race or ethical group are encouraged to and will receive coaching services from the Executive Coaching Institute for Minority Women, LLC.

Dr. Powell’s experience and service has given her global visibility. She is an internationally known, award winning Author, Speaker and Executive Coach. For over a decade, Dr. Powell has empowered individuals and executives to overcome challenges and secure and maintain their executive positions without hesitation or fear. She is a training Designated Federal Officer which allows her to serve on any federal committee in which she would be appointed by the President of the United States and a Political Appointment Agency Head. In 2016, Dr. Powell became a Certified Mediator and serves as a mediator for the Federal Neutrals Program. Dr. Powell is an active member of countless professional organizations, far too many to name.

In 2012, Dr. Powell opened her own consulting firm, Executive Coaching Institute for Minority Women, LLC formally known as Synergetic Solutions, LLC. In 2017, Dr. Powell and her business was nominated for Business and Person of the Year by Lee County Chamber of Commerce. She has over a decade of experience working to enhance various outcomes for individuals and organizations. Dr. Powell is known for her passion for and outstanding ability to coach individuals, leaders and organizations, keeping their goals and objectives at the forefront of her interactions. Dr. Powell believes that the key to her coaching success is flexibility, honesty and transparency.

As a motivational speaker, Dr. Powell speaks on topics that are not limited: Managing and Coaching in a virtual world, Women in Leadership, Authorship: The Truth, Transition Time: You Choose, the Power of Planning, Leading from Behind, Confidence and Fear: The Drivers and many more. To date, Dr. Powell has conducted hundreds of speeches and trainings in her professional and coaching career, both domestic and international. Recently, in 2019, Dr. Powell was awarded the Distinguished Toastmaster by Toastmasters International.

Though not surprising, Dr. Powell’s work is not limited to adults, in 2018, she established a nonprofit organization for all youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders. Tomorrow’s Leaders mission is to transform youth into leaders through the spoken and written word. In the years to come, it is Dr. Powell’s vision that this nonprofit organization will be a global leader in fostering positive self-expression in our youth that transcends class, gender and race.

In addition to speaking and coaching, writing is also one of Dr. Powell’s passions. She is the author of two books Practical Leadership Lessons Learned from Mickey and her award winning book is The Journey to Authorship: A Pocket Guide for Writers. Over the years, Dr. Powell has also written peer-reviewed publications, several eBooks and has been interviewed by various television, radio and podcast hosts.

Together We Stand! Never Broken!


We believe, together through transparency, support, and effective strategies minority women are able to overcome and effectively address environmental, personal and professional challenges resulting in work life balance, promotions, and transitioning resulting in success for families, communities, and organizations.

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